Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Superman turns 31

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Pooped Out

Too tired to play Chloe fell asleep right there on the floor.

Daddy Dear

Here is Aaron on his way to work, and a cutie in her first Halloween shirt.

Yay! The holidays are here, now we can dress up!

Hot Stuff!

We finally got a new oven, Yay!!! To celebrate I made easy mini pizzas. Don't they look yummy, and doesn't the oven look shiny!


I know I'm cruel but it was just so funny. This was when Chloe was just scooting backwards. She got herself good and stuck under a footstool. Poor baby!

High Chair Hi

"Look I'm a big girl!" Chloe loves her new chair, and we love how it keeps the food in one place, at least for now!

First Canoe Ride

In the Dahl family it is tradition for Grandpa to take the grandchildren out for a canoe ride on the pond. Here was Chloe's first trip. She especially loved watching the ducks.

In the Kiddie Pool

While in Washington we got to take a dip in the kiddie pool with Grandma. The water was nice and warm and Chloe tried out her froggy kicks. It was like being in a really big bathtub!

Taking the Cake

It seems no one can resist feeding Chloe a little sugar. Oh well! She is so sweet after all.

With Sugar on Top

While the boys were out playing us girls snuck away for some yummy ice cream. Chloe was sweeter than our treats and was made sweeter still by all the "tastes" she was given.

Mommy's first baby was a boat named Felicity

Chloe's first sail. She was squeezed into a life jacket and

with minor protests endured cool winds and calm seas. I think the trip was a success. Plus we got to spend time with Aunties and Uncles and of course Grandpa, the crustiest sailor of them all! P.S. That's my boat Felicity, Isn't she beautiful!

Ice Caves

After our visit to Kentucky we went to Washington. We hiked to the Ice Caves with Jean's family. It was a warm day but the air coming out of the caves was truely artic. Brrrrr!

Oh Brother!

Aaron and Callis showing their love for each


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Monkey's Uncle

Ladies Eat your Heart Out! Who can resist a man with a baby!

Winning Willie!

Hooray! We finally got the Willies Wagon back. Once stolen and sold, now back where it belongs. Aaron was so happy it could have been Christmas!

Fun Times

Here are a few more photos, it's really hard to chose. Here is the "I'm Mart" Bear.

Rubba Dub Dub

Have you ever seen a cuter bathtime baby!! We couldn't pass up the chance to take a bath in Grandma's kitchen sink. Thanks Glenna for taking the perfectly positioned photos!

Family Fun

Here we are in Kentucky. We really enjoyed spending time with family and freinds. Chloe charmed everyone of course and I got a chance to show off the begining of my new baby bump!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pool Baby

Here we are testing out our new pool. It sure is fun splashing in the water. Chloe is even getting in some sitting up practice time. She is growing up so fast. Not to mention she has totally grown out of her bathing suit already. There is nothing "baby" size left in the stores so she is down to her skin from now on.

Happy Father's Day

I love my Daddy!